St. Louis County Hibbing Annex

The goal of St. Louis County’s Property Management Department was to create an office building with low operational costs while maintaining maximum operational energy efficiency.

Intended to be a model facility for future St. Louis County projects, the Hibbing Annex is an efficient, convenient co-location of multiple county services in the Hibbing area, including:

  • Social Services
  • Public Health
  • Veterans Services
  • Purchasing
  • County Extension

Departments moved in March 1, 2006.

Energy-efficient design includes:

  • Substantial increase in insulating capacity of building envelope
  • Triple-glazed windows
  • Use of occupancy and daylighting sensing to regulate use of light fixtures
  • Occupancy sensing for control of mechanical ventilation
  • Design provides for possibility of future expansion of the facility and the potential for a connection to the adjacent county courthouse.
  • Upgrade of building to meet current accessibility standards.

The design addressed present-day concerns with indoor air quality, mold and other pathogens through careful selection of building materials and systems and construction details by consideration of possible beneficial alternative green building materials.

The Hibbing Annex is a prime example of what can be accomplished in energy savings while generally lowering the cost of building operation to taxpayers while having much less of a negative impact on our environment.

The St. Louis County Annex qualified for the

US Department of Energy’s “Energy Star” designation.