St. Louis County Schools

St. Louis County School District’s declining enrollment, rising heating costs, aging buildings and less curriculum choices were a focus on the consolidation plan.

The District’s School Board approved the consolidation plan reducing the seven K-12 schools to five:

  • South Ridge School (new) combining the AlBrook, Alborn, Cotton, and surrounding communities.
  • North Woods School (new) combining Cook, Orr, and surrounding communities.
  • Cherry School (addition and interior renovation)
  • Babbitt-Embarrass School (interior renovation).
  • Tower-Soudan School modified as a K-6 elementary school

St. Louis County’s new schools were designed to accommodate 600+/- PK-12 students. The facility planning process involved multiple meetings with staff, administrators, and input committees to set a program to best meet everyone’s needs at a cost-effective budget. The design and programming process allowed for utilization of spaces for multi-use occupancy to minimize classroom downtime and maximize use of square footage.

Student safety and supervision, event management, and community usability were accomplished goals of these two new facilities.

Renovation/addition to existing K-12 facility

  • Construct new three-station gym with locker rooms
  • Addition/expansion of kitchen and commons space
  • Public toilet access to gymnasium
  • Event management building security
  • Controlled office access for security
  • Upgrade ventilation/electrical system
  • New technology upgrades
  • Relocate/construct new bus garage facility
  • Renovate classrooms
  • Parking lot and sidewalks


Renovation of existing schools on two sites

  • Classroom technology/ventilation/heating upgrades
  • Replace finishes throughout facility
  • Provided security upgrades
  • Upgrade accessibility needs
  • Parking lot and sidewalks

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