Have you ever noticed how your clothing seems to change color, depending on the lighting of the room? Or how, after browsing the internet on your cell phone, it’s hard for you to fall asleep? ARI has the details on how color temperature of light can impact daily activities and shared them with local sixth-graders this past Friday at the STEM Showcase in Hibbing.

ARI’s team of employees, Adam Benes, Amanda Isaacs, Dan Sterud, and Mathew Korpela, built a color temperature light box to display and define the effect Kelvin wattage has on the heat and subsequent color of a light bulb. It was a great opportunity to show local sixth-graders and community members how important it is to use the correct color temperature for individual physical settings. For instance, blue light (such as a smartphone) helps to you to stay awake, thus would not be recommended for pre-bedtime reading. There were a lot of real-life color temperature experiences shared in the STEM Showcase learning experience!

The STEM Showcase is an event put on by the Iron Range Engineering Program from Mesabi Range Community and Technical College that gives local sixth-graders and community members an opportunity to learn about Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math in a fun, exciting fashion. Many area businesses and educational facilities brought in booths to showcase how STEM applies to their occupations. ARI believes strongly in STEM education and we can’t wait to be part of the Showcase next year!