Jeff Lange and Matthew Korpela, IRE Graduates, volunteered as interviewers at the IRE Mock Interview Event on Tuesday, February 17th.

Iron Range Engineering is a project-based upper level undergraduate engineering program offered through Minnesota State University, Mankato, and physically offered on the Mesabi Range Community College campus in Virginia, MN.

According to IRE, Approximately 60 students participated in the semi-annual Mock Interview Event held at Iron Range Engineering. The pre-engineering students at Mesabi Range and the upper level engineering students at IRE participate in a Jobs Package process once each semester to prepare for their internship and full-time job searches.  The Mock Interview night is the culmination event for the Jobs Package.  During the three hour event, students interview for an internship or full-time job, and also serve on one or more interview panels, acting as a potential employer, to experience that side of the process as well.

Jeff and Matt’s participattion in the event was greatly appreciated by the IRE staff and students.

“They did a great job, and we faculty and staff really appreciate their volunteering to help prepare the current IRE and Mesabi students for real job interviews.”  Elizabeth Pluskwik, PhD  Business Faculty

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